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26 12 2011

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So 4 months later…

9 10 2010

The SR is sold, and the very next day i picked up a 1jzgte.

Life’s been pretty busy lately so i never have time to update this anymore, but every once in a while, like tonight, i’ll update, haha.

The next time i update that car will probably be close or maybe even finished.

took the head apart because compression was low on cylinder 5, turns out the exhaust valve was leaking. so now the head is at Cub Machining in North Hollywood, a fabulous place.



21 06 2010

After takin a couple months with mario at GR Performance to rebuild my motor, it’s finally back. 3rd time is the charm. 1st time around, i blew a headgasket right away. Fixed that, then on the test day the #2 piston completely disintegrated. This time around all the little things were fixed and had it done just in time for Jimmy Up T.I.T.S. event. There was a slight ignition issue where the car would cut out which became progressively worse throughout the end of the day, which cost me a higher place in the podium, but it was all in fun, and basically a test day for my car.

Here’s some pics of during the rebuild, and bla bla.

Left side ported, right side stock.

The rebuild was mostly stock, with ARP head studs, rod bolts, and a bunch of machining to the head, block and other components. I added an oil cooler and a power steering cooler from Baker Precision thanks to Ash and Jason. Of course an oil filter relocator went hand in hand with those things. Added gauges to watch my vitals, and they’ve definitely come in handy. Although the stock SR’s clutch fan paired with an OEM fan shroud works tits, i found an efan that fit right up against my Koyo Radiator from an ’03 volvo c70 turbo…and this thing draws air like nobody’s business. The head was also ported by Mario at GRP, and helped with the low end torque which SR’s tend to lack.

Here’s some pics from the weekend.

And here’s a quick video of a run btw me and Karl for the Individual Comp…where i basically demolished my whole front end.


Aside from needing to work out certain bugs here and there, i want MOAR FAST. i’m tryna figure it out, but at some point i’d like some standalone management with some injectors for more boost and go-fast factor.

Thanks to all of the Media out there working hard in the heat!

and a fat shout-out to LEO MUTHAFUCKIN’ HAM!!!! holla back son

❤ Mulsanne Love.

slow progression.

23 04 2010

Not much to say, but i’ve been super lazy updating this thing. but i guess ill throw some cliffnotes up.

motor is completely apart, and just waiting on the laggers at the machine shop. block and head was pretty beat, alot of pitting from detonation and a very well-used motor. Here’s a pic of the block and piston showing wear.

Got some solid pistons from teddy along with new rings to get this thing on the road asap. Initially picked up a couple volvo coolers for oil and PS, but decided to go with some Baker coolers.

The guys over at summit sent me some goodies, excited about that.

GR Performance stage 1 port & polish.

definitely lingering around the 50% mark…..and we’re really planning to have this thing on the trailer ready to rock by the 30th for a 2-day event on the 1st and 2nd…we’ll see how it goes.


the other day my babysitter from way back in the day went back to Japan with her daughter to visit family, and she brought this back for me from Autobacs as a souvenir…how DOPE IS THAT?!?!? love it.

SR: Round Two.

30 03 2010

So as some of you may know, i’ve started working on my car to rebuild and one-up my current SR right now. It was still a decently strong motor, but the gaskets were going and oil was showing here and there, so it was time for a rebuild. i’ve beat this motor for about 2 years now. In the past couple days, i’ve been over at GR Performance in Irwindale with Mario along side helping me kick off the rebuild. thanks mario!! I’m so ready for some power.

Day 1: We didn’t plan to pull out the motor but we ended up doing it since we had some extra time and uninstallation was a breeze. 1 motor mount was actually completely broken in 2 when we pulled it…and i’m not sure how long it was like that, lol. The bay was filthy from the time (long time ago) i went to the dry lake bed, and the oil that had been seeping out for the last couple months.

And today on my day off degreased the crap out of the bay and took a pressure washer to it. Look at the difference from the pic above!!! Night and day!!! Now time to disassemble the motor.

stay tuned!


16 03 2010

Always wanted a Spoon style duckbill spoiler for my GE8, but was only available for the GD3. But now, thanks to jackson, i’ve got the CF prototype!!! Now i’m selling them over on the fit forums, go check it out!! It has such good fitment for CF, i’m impressed. Hugs the hatch spot on. Bolted on, not an ounce of doublt sided tape.

I try to be like everyone else on mulsanne, and DRIFT MY DAILY!!!

Live everyday like it’s your last.

10 03 2010

Yesterday at my very boring job at the hardware store, i was the only cashier for the morning. An old man come up with an AC filter, a couple screws and some plumbing PVC pipe to purchase. He seemed lost as he wrote out a check for his items. As he opened up his checkbook, the first page had 1 picture stuffed in the upper corner of the sleeve, of him and his wife. He asked what the date was as he wrote his check. His hands were shaking, and his penmanship was sub par. He finally signed his check, put down the pen, and as he started to rip it out, and said “I’m so disoriented, i can barely sign my name on this thing. my wife of 64 years just past away 10 days ago and i just don’t know what to do with myself.” He looked up at me with his wrinkled, tired eyes as he handed me his check with such sadness. I was speechless. Head down, he grabbed his filter and bag of screws, and hobbled out of the store aimlessly.

Thank you to Curtis for this photo from a few weeks ago. I believe he’s also making a video, so i’ll be sure to throw that up in a bit.